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Keep your golf equipment in pristine condition.

First Tee Golf Shop is a certified repair facility, with a strong emphasis on quality workmanship and prompt turnaround times. Our repair specialists offer years of experience in club repair service. On-site repairs include re-grips, re-shafting (provided the shaft is in stock), loft/lie bending, cut-downs, extensions, re-finishing and much more.

Re-gripping Process:

On average, re-gripping should be done at least once a year. A functional grip is important to your game! A slick grip will force you to grip the club tighter, and will negatively impact your entire swing. You can recognize when it’s time to change your grips by holding them up to the light, and looking for any kind of sheen. Over time, grips will lose their integrity and become hard and brittle. Most rubber grips should be dull in appearance.


Re-shafting should only be considered after a proper fitting. There are many things to take into consideration when finding the proper shaft, like bend points, shaft deflection, swing speed, length and weight. Being fit with the proper shaft can greatly improve your game.

Loft and Lie:

Similar to re-gripping, the loft and lie of your clubs should be fitted to your personal characteristics. The “lie” is the angle of the shaft in relation to the sole of the club. It is important that club is making contact in the center of the sole, and not on the heel or toe, as this can cause you to open or close the face on impact. The “loft” of the club is the angle that determines the balls trajectory. Depending on the type of metal your club is composed of, you may have to have your irons checked periodically to make sure they are still set accordingly.

Regular maintenance of your clubs should be a priority if you are serious about your game. Our goal is to help you ensure your clubs meet your specific characteristics. Come visit us today to talk about your clubs, any repairs and our expert fitting process.