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Find out about our full body benefit products from Charlotte’s Web

Partnering with his daughter and Hemp Consultant, Diana Pate, Owner Ray Smeltzer and First Tee Golf shop is excited to introduce Charlotte’s Web Hemp to our customers. Ray has been using Charlotte’s Web Hemp for almost two years now and has seen life changing benefits from their all organic, US grown hemp products. Experiencing less joint pain and increased energy on the golf course, along with immense sleep relief and recovery, Ray has become an advocate for Charlotte’s Web Hemp. After many discussions with his daughter Diana, who has worked in the Hemp/CBD industry for almost two years and has utilized the plant for her chronic illnesses many years before that, the idea came together to bring the best quality health products to Goldsboro, NC.

Interested in the full body benefits of Charlotte’s Web? Call today to schedule your free consultation with Diana! She is available in store on Monday’s and Friday’s from 12pm-6pm, and available via email and phone consultations Tuesday-Thursday.

For more information about the healing properties of Cannabis / Hemp, visit The Realm Of Caring’s website! The Realm Of Caring is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing research and education for cannabis communities across the US.

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