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Club Fitting

World Class Club Fitters- A Process That Delivers Results

Golf fitting has evolved through the years. First Tee Golf Shop uses the latest and best technology to help you improve your swing and your score.   Set yourself up for lower scores and a confident swing when you turn to our expert staff. We are a certified fitting center with the expertise and knowledge to help each client maximize their playing potential by using clubs that fit your swing. Our services extend beyond creating the perfect fitting club. We also offer repairs for when your club breaks or is damaged.

We also specialize in Ladies Fittings as well as full service club repairs.

  • 1. Selection & Demo
    We will work with you to find a multi-brand battery of clubs to test and demo. This group of clubs is based on your preferences, talent level, and growth needs.

  • 2. Alteration and Customization
    We evaluate the ratios of your total height, arm length, torso length; leg length and ball address posture to help make an initial length recommendation.

  • 3. Evaluation
    We produce a working model of your exact club based on the results of your favorite club from the demo phase along with the results of your personal measurements.

  • 4. Optimization
    Once we know exactly what brand, style, and fit of club you need we now work with you to optimize your set make up.

  • 5. Personalization
    The final step to every fitting is personalization. You are always a NAME at the First Tee. We always service what we sell, from FREE loft and lie alterations for the life for the original owner to FREE warrantee servicing (no shipping or service fees for warranted clubs)

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