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About Us

Welcome to First Tee Golf Shop!

Welcome to First Tee Golf Shop. We are thrilled to be celebrating 30 years of serving the Goldsboro, NC area and beyond with top quality and professional club fitting, services and repairs. As a nationally recognized Top 100 Club Fitter, we provide extreme attention to detail and customer service. Our dedicated team are experts in Club fitting and club building—and care about every golfer who comes to our shop.

We provide each customer with World Class fitting technology. Get the treatment the pros get! Schedule your custom club fitting today. The First Tee Golf Shop fitting process is engineered to find the best equipment using the latest in technology for your best golf. Our award- winning process will give you confidence in your golf equipment and your swing. Get fitted today, lower your scores tomorrow!


As a leading provider of golf equipment, apparel, club fittings, and repairs, First Tee Golf Shop takes pride in offering the best brands and service in the business. We are dedicated to serving the needs each of customers while offering competitive pricing. For three decades we have served the Greensboro, NC community. Thank you for shopping with us!

Our Devotion

The First Tee Golf Shop is regionally recognized as one of the absolute authorities in North Carolina and the Southeastern United States on custom fitting brand name golf equipment. The First Tee is the 2nd oldest golf shop in North Carolina!

Your Reward

This luxury gift for you and your golf game will leave you feeling like a tour pro. Receive undivided attention during your fitting session and take the time you need to make the best fitting decisions.


What people say about us

First Tee Golf Shop offers a great fitting room for a bunch of guys who really know how to do it right!  I send all my students looking to be fit to them.

This place is the best for getting fitted for clubs. What a professional place and first class employees. Made my experience being fitted for the first time awesome. They really take the time to get you the best. Their team makes it easy to understand.

Awesome people, fantastic customer service. Beyond knowledgeable. The only place I shop for golf equipment.


The Mission

Our mission is to partner with you, helping guide you through the maze of club styles, brands, shafts types, shaft flexes, length options, lie variables, grip sizes, and set options so that you end up with your ONE ultimate new set!